Brush Seals

Product Announcement from Technetics Group

Brush Seals-Image

Brush seals work by absorbing the radial deflections between the shaft and rotor during transient operation. The seal then follows the rotor back to the steady state operating position to maintain minimum leakage. The brush pack is composed of thousands of finely packed 50 to 150 micron diameter wire bristles. The bristle material, a cobalt or nickel alloy, is selected to provide an optimal combination of wear properties and oxidation resistance. The backplates and sideplates are typically fabricated from stainless steel or nickel alloys. The primary consideration is thermal expansion and contraction of the case material.

Technetics Group can manufacture brush seals from 2 inches to 75 inches in diameter. Brush seals can be delivered as a single unit or in multiple segments. The bristles can be configured radially inward, radially outward or axially.