Drilling Toolbox - Special Edition

Product Announcement from Technical Toolboxes, Inc.

Drilling Toolbox - Special Edition-Image

Drilling Toolbox is an integrated suite of field-tested drilling applications designed for use by drilling engineers and professionals to improve productivity and efficiency. Drilling Toolbox offers the widest range of drilling applications available in a single software package.

All the modules were designed and developed by drilling engineers at one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. All of the applications are tightly integrated to provide the user with the tools needed to be more productive. The Drilling Toolbox includes the following modules:

  • Hydraulics & Hole Cleaning
  • General Drilling Engineering
  • Cementing Calculation
  • Mud Management
  • Pressure Control
  • Drill String Design Calculations
  • Simple Casing Design
  • Drill Pipe Database
  • Halliburton Cementing Tables (Red Book)
  • Documents/Applications Management Module