Techsil VT2420LV Clear Potting Polyurethane

Featured Product from Techsil Limited

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Techsil® VT2420LV is a crystal clear, 2-part, low viscosity room temp curing polyurethane resin designed for the potting and encapsulation of LED’s, Lumiere’s and Modules. It has superb outdoor weathering properties, due to the addition of UV resistant base materials, stabilisers and antioxidants. It has an excellent refractive index.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent long term UV stability
  • Non-toxic, meets WEEE & RoHS requirements
  • Scratch and mark resistant
  • Packed in a twin pack for ease of use
  • 20 min pot life; 2 hour initial cure (48 hrs full cure)
  • Good temperature performance range (-55°C to 120°C)