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Convert A Pressure Signal to an Electrical Output

Featured Product from Tecmark Corporation

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Tecmark Series 3000, 3900  and 4000 Pressure Switches convert a positive or negative pressure signal (range 2” W.C. to 100 PSI) to an electrical output. In response to a change in pressure, movement of an elastomeric diaphragm opens or closes an electrical circuit based on a predetermined pressure set point.  Series 3000, 3900 and 4000 Pressure Switches are commonly used as an interlock device to sense air, gas or water pressure at a specific point.


  • Elastomeric diaphragm eliminates the need for an oil barrier
  • Insulators designed to protect against direct exposure to live parts
  •  Field adjustable pressure set points. Factory calibration available upon request
  • Built in over pressure protection designed to eliminate stress on other critical operating components
  • UL Recognized, Canadian and United States, as an operating, limit or safety control
  • Available with CE approved electrical snap switches



  • Pressure ranges as low as 2” WC up to 100 PSI (500 Pa to 690 kPa)
  •  SPST, SPDT, DPST, or DPDT switching logic
  • 1/4” male quick connect or #8 screw terminals for electrical connections
  • A variety of mounting pan and pressure fitting materials; plated steel, stainless steel or injection molded plastic
  • • Wide array of pressure fittings; 1/8” NPT male, 1/4” NPT male, 3/16” barbed, 1/8”, 3/16” or 1/4” compression, or 1/8” NPT female with 1/2” conduit male external thread for mounting
  • Fitting or bracket mounting options
  • Specialty diaphragm materials; Buna-N, EPDM, Hydrin
  • Models available with or without wiring enclosures



  •  Maximum Operating Pressure and Hydrostatic burst pressure, varies based on model configurations. Consult factory for specific application needs.
  • Electrical ratings to 25 amp, 250 VAC
  • Field tested critical components specifically selected to operate reliably in temperature extremes of 32° to 190°F (0°C to 88°C)
  • 100,000+ cycle life under full mechanical, electrical and thermal loads

*27.7" water column = 1 PSI