Solid State Timers

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This family of timers offers 10, 20, and 30 minute time delay periods as standard, with other time delay periods available as options. All models feature reset capabilities for additional time. Additionally, models are available for use with the Tecmark® EP1226 solid state, non-contact liquid level sensor.Upon actuation of the air switch, the timer is started and the load relay is energized, applying line voltage to the output terminal. The load relay will de-energize when the time delay period expires, or if a second air switch actuation occurs during the time delay period. In both cases, the load relay is interrupted and the timer is reset.

Models configured to work in conjunction with Tecmark's EP1226 level sensor module have a three-pin header to facilitate easy electrical connection. The level sensor will inhibit the actuation of the timer until a preselected fluid level has been attained increasing or decreasing (based on level sensor model.) If fluid level drops below, (or above), the sensor actuation point during normal operation of the timer, the control will de-energize to prevent potential equipment or liquid spray damage. The timer will remain energized until the proper fluid level is achieved and the air switch is activated again.

Typical Applications

Series EP1227, EP3000, and WBA Electronic Timers provide safe and convenient control of timing operations and are integral whirlpool bath motor timers and hydrotherapy tubs and drain pump motor timers.