Time Delay Control

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Upon actuation of the air switch via an air transmitter, the timing sequence begins energizing the power outlet(s). The outlet(s) will de-energize when the time delay period expires, or if a second air switch actuation occurs during the time delay period. In both cases the control is off until actuated again (unless a dual-out model is used with one outlet being energized fulltime).


Models configured to work in conjunction with Tecmark’s EP1226 level sensor model are connected via male and female cord connections. The level sensor will inhibit actuation of the timer until a preselected fluid level has been attained increasing or decreasing (based on level sensor model). If fluid level drops below (or above) the sensor actuation point during normal operation of the time, the control will de-energize to prevent potential equipment or liquid spray damage. The timer will remain energized until the proper fluid level is achieved and the air switch is actuated again.

Typical Applications

WBA control packages provide safe and convenient control of whirlpool bath, hydrotherapy, drain pump motors, ozone generators, heating elements, lights and motorized valves.