Embedded Force Sensors

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FlexiForce™ sensors measure force between almost any two surfaces and are durable enough to stand up to most environments. FlexiForce sensors are ideal for integrating into OEM products because their thin, flexible profile allows them to measure forces where larger, bulkier technologies can not.

FlexiForce sensors can also be customized to meet the specific needs of your product design and application requirements.

There are 4 key uses for FlexiForce sensors. They detect and measure:

Force from an applied load
Rate of change of a force load over time
Force thresholds to trigger appropriate action
Contact and/or touch

Why OEMs Choose FlexiForce
Unique form factor - sensors can be custom designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your application and product needs
Operational capabilities - we offer three pressure-sensitive variations to meet your application and product needs: standard, enhanced, and high temperature.
Application Engineering/Integration support - our dedicated application engineering team is here to ensure a successful product integration. They have compiled some sensor integration resources to get you started.