Article: Embedded Vision in 2019

Featured Product from Teledyne DALSA

The future of embedded vision includes lower costs and more artificial intelligence inside.

New imaging applications are booming, from collaborative robots, to drones fighting fires or monitoring farms, to biometric face recognition, and point-of-care hand-held medical devices at home. Established machine vision applications for manufacturing are also being remade: initiatives like Germany’s Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 were formulated to keep entire national industrial sectors competitive by introducing ‘smarter’ manufacturing and production – less centralized, more responsive, and more automated. And robots. At automotive OEMs, industrial robots are welding and painting cars. Within warehouses, they are stocking shelves, selecting items for orders, moving goods from docks to trucks, and packaging them for transport. At semiconductor plants, robots move delicate wafers without damaging components. Elsewhere, they’re assisting with gluing, assembling, cutting, grinding, and other routine yet critical tasks. Robotic manufacturers across the automotive, electronic, food packaging and energy sectors are creating a full spectrum of solutions and integrated technologies. Continue reading here.