Article: Vision System Ensures Speed and Accuracy

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IP Rings manufactures piston rings for Tier 1 and Tier 2 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and it’s imperative that each batch meet the exact number of rings specified for installation in each vehicle. At the IP Rings manufacturing facility, manual inspection had been used for sorting, counting and packaging each batch of rings before shipping them to the customer, which was time consuming and labor intensive. Each batch contains 100 or more rings varying in size from a minimum width of 0.29 mm to a width of up to 0.79 mm. As the rings come off the production line they are counted and packaged as per specifications before being dispatched. Counting the precise number of rings is critical and avoids confusion during piston set assembly. Having extra rings remaining or fewer rings than specified at the end of assembly requires recounting the rings manually to ensure there aren’t any missing piston rings. While the customer hadn’t received a high number of complaints about product quality, IP Rings needed a more reliable system to decrease cycle time and lower production costs.