The Lighthawk- Model 560 - Opacity Monitor

Product Announcement from Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc.

The Lighthawk- Model 560 - Opacity Monitor-Image

The LightHawk® utilizes a solid-state light emitted diode that is electro-dynamically pulsed by an oscillator at a frequency of 2500Hz. Unlike slowly chopped incandescent and laser light systems, this pulsed light source enables guaranteed rejection of sunlight as well as artificial light sources. The LED has a proven life in excess of ten years and is warranted by MLI for eight years. This extended life ensures TML's LED based opacity monitor is at the least expensive system to operate in the world. With our op-amp and special electro-optical bench design, the LED light source is extremely uniform with ultralow drift and requires no other light source for stabilization.

Optical Head and Retro-reflector Assemblies:

The optical head and retro-reflector assemblies are housed in rugged aluminum investment castings. The optical head contains the active electronics necessary to produce an electro-dynamic pulsed LED light source across the stack/duct to the retro-reflector assembly and to detect transmitted light. The sealed optical head features a Lexan keypad interface for easy interrogation and control of operating parameters while on the stack. The miniature retro-reflector in combination with an overfill light source precludes misalignment concerns on the stack or duct.