Citizen PPU-700 Series: Thermal Printer Mechanism

Product Announcement from Telpar

Citizen PPU-700 Series: Thermal Printer Mechanism-Image

The Citizen PPU-700 thermal printer mechanism is the most modular, flexible kiosk mechanism for paper width, interfaces, firmware settings and mechanical orientation. Small, lightweight and fast, it includes a retractable presenter to prevent litter and minimize opportunities for vandalism.

The PPU-700 uses large paper rolls and auto-paper loading to make changing rolls faster and easier. Along with the ability to print barcodes, the PPU-700 also features flash memory. This enables you to store and print logos and user-defined characters to increase the visual impact of receipts.

The Citizen PPU-700 mechanism works in a wide variety of kiosk applications to provide fast, reliable printing with the easiest maintenance possible.

  • 83/80/67/58 mm selectable paper widths
  • 150mm/sec High-speed thermal printing
  • Two-color printing
  • Interchangeable interface cards
  • Presenter
  • Upgradable firmware (EEPROM)
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Alert Buzzer
  • Retractor feature
  • Built-in input buffer
  • Barcode printing
  • Flash Memory
  • Large diameter paper rolls can be used
  • Black Mark Sensor (option)
  • Customization Utility
  • Windows Drivers