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2022 was a year of so many milestones, records and improvements that a recap of the year is hard to condense into a few words. Tempco celebrated our 50th anniversary with over 500 employees in attendance – a remarkable feat considering our simple origins in the 1970’s. (In February, look for a new “Company Timeline” on our website celebrating the many milestones we crossed over the past five decades.) Additionally, our strategy of domestic production, vertical integration and use of local suppliers turned a year that was a supply chain disaster for many into a resounding success for Tempco, with a nearly 30% year-over-year (YOY) growth. We also continued our tradition of investing in our manufacturing operations, allowing us to provide our customers with optimum solutions to their challenging industrial applications. During this year of growth, we were also able to add several significant production upgrades, Visit our blog for full details .