Tempco Shroud System - Pressurized Testing Vessel

Featured Product from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

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An International manufacturer and supplier of connectors for the oil industry came to Tempco looking for a way to heat and cool a 316 stainless steel vessel that houses a mix of water and hydrocarbons pressurized with an inert gas ... The heating and cooling of the vessel was limited to 120° F/hour at the OD of the vessel.

The customer wanted to cool the vessel from 650° F down to 70° F. They knew they could achieve this with liquid cooling ... They questioned if a finned cast aluminum heater and an air-cooled shroud system would manage the lower rate that’s required. 

Tempco worked closely with the customer going over cooling calculations and exchanging information about the project. In the end Tempco concluded that a Cool-to-the-Touch air-cooled shroud system using finned cast aluminum heaters ...

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