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Tubular Heaters for Industrial Humidification

Featured Product from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

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We recently received a request for quote from a manufacturer of industrial humidification machinery. They utilize tubular heating elements within their humidifiers and had completely depleted their inventory. The supplier they had been using for decades could not fill their purchase order and expected lead time due to the current supply chain challenges affecting every market segment and level of production. The manufacturer turned to Tempco in the hopes of having their order filled sooner.

Sensing the urgency of the issue, Tempco immediately arranged a conference call that included a staff engineer to review the customer design and performance needs. Tempco observed areas of the heater design that could be improved:

  • Electrical connection method
  • Alternate sheath materials for corrosion resistance
  • Heavier gauge resistance wire for durability and extended heater life

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