Two Tall Orders for Tempco Strip Heaters

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Tempco was recently asked to quote and manufacture four 206-inch Channel Strip Heaters (CSH). Our customer in the food and beverage packaging industry needed the extra-long heaters to keep the area around some chain rails heated. The requested length went a few feet beyond our longest CSH to date, which had required special attention during production. After some deliberation, Tempco accepted the challenge. Visit our blog to learn more about how we adjusted in Production to accommodate the manufacture of these heaters.

Coincidentally, a different customer approached us regarding a 120-inch Finned Channel Strip Heater (CSF) around the same time. The customer, a university graduate program, was conducting research and needed to measure a temperature spread the length of their equipment. Just like the channel strip heater order, this 120-inch heater would be the longest by several feet for a Tempco CSF. Visit our blog for details.