2 to 32 ways Power Splitter & Power Combiner

Featured Product from Temwell Corporation / Temstron Co., Ltd.

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Temwell / Temstron specialize in designing and manufacturing RF & Microwave Filter, Duplexer/Diplexer and

multi-way Splitter & Combiner over 26 years. We support 2 to 32 ways Power Splitter (Divider) & Power Combiner. Frequency from DC to 18 GHz. Power up to 200 Watt. Waterproof (IP65, IP66, IP67) & Low PIM is optional. DC Block & Resistive type optional. All specs are able to design according to your request. Please contact me for free evaluation.


Also we provide other RF Passive Components, such as

Isolator & Circulator: Connector, Drop-in, SMD; 10MHz to 110GHz, up to 5kW peak

Coupler: Hybrid & Directional; 500MHz to 18GHz, up to 200 Watt

Attenuator/Dummy Loads: Fixed & Step type; DC-3 to 18 GHz option, up to 300 Watt


More information on our website https://reurl.cc/A8WYbj