Environmental Test Chambers

Product Announcement from Terra Universal, Inc.


  • Repeatable environmental conditions for component burn-in, shelf life monitoring, package testing, light exposure and temperature evaluation studies
  • Microprocessor PID controllers provide precise temperature and humidification
  • Two chamber sizes available (10 cubic foot and 30 cubic foot)

These chambers provide the ideal environment for a wide range of testing and evaluation studies in many industries.

Their 304 stainless steel interiors are durable and easy to clean. Large chambers feature a key-lockable full-view glass door; small chambers include a key-lockable interior glass door. All chambers are designed for horizontal air flow and feature one 2" access port and two fresh air vents.

Select among three configurations:

  • Refrigerated Incubators provide precise temperature control.
  • Diurnal Incubators add a light package.
  • Stability Chambers incorporate a relative humidity system with a solid state humidity sensor and controller that allows humidification and de-humidification for operation from 20 to 98%RH (limited by 4°C minimum dewpoint).

All incorporate microprocessor PID controls to ensure the absolute repeatability required in critical applications, a 304 stainless steel sheath RTD temperature probe, and LED temperature display. Audible and visual temperature alarms alert the operator if the temperature deviates from the active setpoint or exceeds a high limit threshold. Non-volatile memory allows the chamber to return to the original setpoint in the event of power failure.

Both temperature and humidity controllers include two separate displays: one for process and one for setpoint.

The chambers utilize environmentally friendly HFC refrigerant and CFC-free insulation, and are designed to meet NEC, UL and CSA standards for safety and performance. All U.S. models are covered by a 12-month parts and labor warranty.