Domestic Hot Water Thermostatic Balancing Valve

Featured Product from ThermOmegaTech®

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Domestic hot water recirculation systems need to be balanced in order to ensure that hot water is always available throughout the building. This is complicated because water flows in the path of least resistance and in open systems like these that can change constantly.

The CircuitSolver® is a thermostatic self-actuating balancing valve that continuously adjusts the flow through each branch of a domestic hot water recirculation system to maintain the specified temperature at the ends of the branches. This simple in-line valve completely eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive manual balancing labor and equipment. It also minimizes flow through the system by only allowing small amounts of water to pass through once the set point is reached, which reduces system wear and allows for a smaller circulator that won't consume as much power. Most importantly, by installing CircuitSolver®s at the end of each hot water branch you are ensuring that hot water will be available where and when it is needed.


  • Never fully closes, some water always passing through
  • High thrust actuator keeps orifice free of debris
  • Lead free for use in potable water systems
  • All Stainless Steel, Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • Long service life and 3 year warranty