Don't Let Cold Weather Slow Your Locomotives Down

Featured Product from ThermOmegaTech®

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The GURU® DL2.1 and Magnum locomotive valves are water-sensing, self-operating thermostatic drain valves that respond to engine coolant temperature. Installed at the lowest point in the coolant system, when the water temperature falls to the GURU’s set-point, the plug snaps open and drains the system before freeze damage can occur. The Plugs can be rearmed and reset when you’re ready to refill the locomotive and return it to service.

The Magnum GURU® Plug is capable of providing a higher discharge capacity than the standard GURU® Plug. With an almost 1.2-inch bore, the Magnum GURU® drains twice as fast as the standard GURU® Plug, guaranteeing rapid drainage of the locomotive.

The GURU® DL2.1 CH and CHS Plugs are automatic drain valves used for water-cooled air compressor head freeze protection. They have almost a full one inch bore to rapidly drain the compressor before damage can occur.