STVM - Safe, Silent, and Automatic Washdown

Featured Product from ThermOmegaTech®

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The STVM® Washdown Station has been designed to put the safety of your operators first, thanks to its innovative technology. The system utilizes a thermal element located in the downstream leg of the mixing valve. The thermal element is designed to throttle steam flow should the temperature set point be exceeded and will completely shut down at 15°F above set point or if cold water flow is interrupted. The thermal element will not re-open until cold water flow is restored.

Conventional washdown stations, utilizing old spool and diaphragm technology that rely on multiple moving parts are prone to premature failure due to mineral deposits and scaling. The necessary regular maintenance of these units to keep them running safely is very time consuming and costly.

The rugged STVM® Washdown Station is unique in that it has only one moving part, a thermal actuator within the mixing valve cartridge.

The patented mixing design ensures long uninterrupted use even if there is high mineral content in the water. As the opposing vortices of steam and water enter the mixing valve, a scouring action occurs that minimizes the buildup of minerals and scale.

ThermOmegaTech’s STVM® Washdown Station incorporates unique Venturi mixing technology to deliver water at the required temperature quickly, quietly and on demand. Cold water enters the upper chamber of the mixing valve, while incoming steam enters the lower chamber. Mixing occurs as the two vortices collide, thoroughly mixing and heating the water through a Venturi diffuser with minimal noise and vibration.

An additional benefit of this design is what you don’t hear: the banging, popping and crackling noises associated with cavitation that are prevalent in ordinary mixing stations. This smooth quiet operation increases safety and reduces stress on the operator.