Perfectly Designed Heat To Quickly Bathe Wafers

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Etched Foil Heaters for the Semiconductor & Wafers industries from Thermal Circuits.

In the early 1980's, Thermal Circuits introduced 'HTB' (High Temperature Binder) etched foil element heaters to the Semiconductor industry to heat acid in portable wafer processing baths. It replaced hot plates that only heated from the bottom. The five-sided etched foil heater wraps the corresponding five-sided inner bath vessel with a combination of uniform and profiled heat. The etched foil heating process is designed to quickly bathe boatloads of wafers and other parts.

The etched foil elements are compatible with Thermal Circuits 'HTB', Inorganic, and Organic coatings and with fabrication materials such as fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mat, mica, and ceramic fiber insulating carriers. The 'HTB' coatings protect and immobilize the elements, yet allow them to expand and contract at watt densities two to three times greater with temperatures up to 1200° F.

The 'HTB' etched foil heating construction is also used for wet processing equipment in-line heaters. Thermal circuits recommends electrical insulation depending upon the materials used in the customer's product, glass, plastic, coated or uncoated stainless steel. The use of quartz in the etched foil heater allows for a direct mount without insulation and is preferred by designers for high-wattage and high-temperature applications.


About Thermal Circuits:

Thermal Circuits Inc. is a manufacturer of surface heaters, air heaters, molded heaters, heater assemblies, and infrared panel emitters. We service a wide variety of markets and geographic areas and, through continuous quality improvement, strive to maintain world-class leadership in all aspects of our business.

"Firsts" from Thermal Circuits continued during the 1970's and 1980's. We designed, prototyped and produced heaters and assemblies for the first etched foil-heated cafeteria food service stations, infant incubators, hospital warming cabinets, automobile side-view mirrors, kitchen electrics(electric-skillets, crock-pots, deep-fat fryers), and personal care appliances(mist hair setters, styling wands).

This growth prompted the construction in 1996 of a single-storied, 52,000 square foot building and remains Thermal Circuits' home. Still in Salem, the company is owned by its corporate partners and is the anchor company in a newly-developed industrial park. This facility is state-of-the-art and second to none.  Due to continuing growth, in 2017 and 2018 Thermal Circuits expanded its manufacturing and office spaces to 88,000 square feet.

Core Competencies:

A “solution” designer and manufacturer of custom, etched foil heaters and assemblies, would welcome the opportunity of creating an affordable heater designed to your application’s requirements.

Our core competencies for these conductive, convective and radiant heaters include:

  • Application Engineering that is responsive and experienced. You can be assured that we will provide an optimal, reliable solution. Let us help you turn your company’s opportunity into a competitive advantage.
  • Thermal Uniformity is attained by varying the heater’s watt density, thereby, compensating for heat losses.
  • Thermal Responsiveness is a function of the heater’s low mass. Heating and cooling are virtually instantaneous.
  • Repeatability through Thermal Circuits’ photo etch process that sustains part-to-part consistency.
  • Innovative Manufacturer
    • Recognized for using the broadest range of materials
    • Dielectrics compatible with integration and challenging environments.
    • Element/alloys developed for increased capabilities and lower costs.
  • Integrated Sensors
    • Thermistors, RTDs, semiconductor-type, thermocouples, thermostats and thermal fuses.
  • Turnkey Assemblies
    • Metalwork, heat sinks, wire harnesses and flex circuits.
  • Space and Weight Efficient
    • As thin as 0.004”.
  • Energy Efficiency
    • 70% of the surface area is covered with an active element. This enables the element to run cooler and with longer wavelengths of light, which transfers heat more effectively.
    • The etched foil element’s inherent low mass has less thermal inertia, which enables lower operating costs.

Industry Market Applications:

Flexible Heaters - Custom Materials:

Kapton® and Other Polyimide Heaters:

Silicone and Other Rubber Heaters:

Quality Insurance:

Quality is paramount at Thermal Circuits. We are a certified manufacturer of critical components and an approved ship-to-the production line, zero defect supplier. Our contractual customers perform no incoming inspection of our heaters and heater assemblies. Thermal Circuits' Quality Assurance Department is equipped, staffed, and administered to the requirements of MIL-1-45208A to which we are approved by major subcontractors.

The Quality Management System of Thermal Circuits has been audited and is compliant with the requirements of and is registered to ISO13485:2003.

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