Save Your Job - Prevent Plant Downtime

Product Announcement from Thermal Edge, Inc.

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What if your one of your production lines overheated and stopped working... Would your job be on the line if your plant had downtime or had to shut down due to your electrical enclosures overheating? 

If you answered YES to the above then you need to see why a Thermal Edge Air to Air Heat Exchanger can keep your plant up & running and also help you save time, money, & energy versus resorting to the old dirty filter fan packages!

Closed Loop Heat Exchangers BEAT the Filtered Fan Packages

Components are Failing inside electrical enclosures when using Filtered Fan Packages

Fact: Filtered Fans introduce dirt and contamination into every electrical enclosure using them

Fact: Drives and PLCs do not like dirt, dust and contamination

Fact: Filtered Fans can never produce a true closed loop cooling solution

Fact: No matter how effective your filter is, dirt and particulates will enter your enclosure

Consider the better solution

UL Listed Air to Air Heat Exchanger

•Always closed loop
•Easier to mount on only one side of your enclosure
•Energy efficient, using no more power than a filtered fan system
•Filter free, so no diminished cooling capacity.
•Air to Air Heat Exchangers are available in NEMA Types 12, 4 and 4X

Thermal Edge manufactures a Full Line of Heat Exchangers:

•NEMA Types 12, 4 & 4X
•120V, 230V, 24VDC and 48VDC
•Filter Free
•11 to 71,6 W/°C (6 to 40 W/°F)
•Utilizing state of the art Heat Pipes

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