Oil Fired thermal fluid heaters & systems.

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Design & Supply of High Efficiency Thermal Fluid (Hot Oil, Dowtherm) Heating Systems

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. is proud to offer the custom design and supply of high efficiency thermal fluid (sometimes called hot oil or Dowtherm) heaters and systems. The heaters and systems can be:
•Gas Fired
•Oil Fired
•Waste Fuel Fired

We build our thermal fluid heaters utilizing a high efficiency three-pass design for even temperature distribution. Compatible fuels include natural gas, propane, biodiesel, fuel oil numbers 2, 4, and 6 and Bunker C oil, waste liquid & gas products; can also run on electricity. Horizontal or vertical configurations are available, as are stand-alone or skid mounted units. Components include a 3 pass dual helical coil heat exchanger, specially designed isolation valves, pump, pump strainer, degasser, burner, expansion tank, safety controls and temperature blocking vessel. Optional features include a drain tank and secondary heating controls. Our process heaters are designed for outdoor and indoor applications, with an output range of 0.5 to 50,000,000+ BTU/hr and up to Up to 90%+ (LHV) efficiency.

Maintenance plans are available, and we also offer inspections and operator training. All of our hot oil heaters and heating systems are built tailored to customer specifications and applications and uphold the standards set by organizations including ASME, API, USCG, ABS. The NEMA ratings 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 7, and 12 are also maintained.

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc.

Thermal fluid ("hot oil") heating systems are used in many industrial applications where efficiency and accurate temperature control between 300 deg F and 750 deg F are required. TFS has many years experience in this field and we offer a broad range of products, service and support.

TFS can supply:

  • Konus fuel fired (gas, oil or waste fuel) thermal fluid heaters and complete systems from 0.5 to 50+ million Btu/hr.
  • electric hot oil heaters from 10 kw to 5+ MW
  • hot oil / thermal fluid filtering systems
  • hot oil / thermal fluid pumps, valves, controls, tanks
  • hot oil / thermal fluid heating & cooling loops
  • heat recovery systems
  • parts for hot oil pumps, hot oil valves, burners and controls
  • field service, annual inspections, start up and engineering consultation

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