Custom Electric Heater Skid

Featured Product from Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc.

As specialists in the design and supply of custom thermal oil heat transfer systems, we have the resources to build custom systems in a cost-effective and timely manner. At Thermal Fluid Systems, we engineered the electric heater and control panel skid highlighted here for specialty paints manufacturer.

Proper planning from the start promotes the best outcome. We worked closely with all of our clients to completely understand their process to ensure we engineer systems that fulfill their heating requirements and fit within their space constraints. In this case, we had a limited amount of floor space located underneath existing equipment.

Featuring loop process temperature control, this compact, 300 kW electric hot oil system operates in the 400°F to 550°F temperature range at a safe pressure of only 75 psi. It incorporates 150-gallons of thermal fluid and fits cleanly within the facility structure. Operating at maximum efficiency, it offers one million BTUs of heating power. Easy to operate, it is a safe and effective method for heating paint mixtures that often contain flammable or combustible ingredients. We engineered it to provide exceptionally accurate temperature control to ensure consistent quality in every batch of paint produced. Skid mounting allowed our field technicians to drop the heater right into place at the plant.

We designed, fabricated, and installed this electric-powered thermal fluid system within a narrow 10-week timeline and continue to provide service and support from our Kennesaw, Georgia, location. If you are interested in learning more about this project or the many advantages of implementing a custom thermal fluid heating system, contact us today.