Custom Thermal Fluid, Steam & Glycol Process Skids

Featured Product from Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc.

Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. offers custom design of thermal fluid, steam, and glycol process skids, providing heating and cooling operations and accurate control of temperatures to ± 1°F (0.5 °C). Heating media includes thermal fluids such as chevron, dowtherm, essotherm, texatherm, and therminol among others, along with steam and glycol. Cooling media includes water, chilled water, air, and other methods. The process skids are composed of controls, secondary loops, pumps, and valves. Customers can choose from field installation or pre-built assembly, as well as customized mounting or completely skid mounted units.

All custom engineered process skids are built to exacting standards, upholding the rigorous industrial regulations for quality and functionality. Our designs are flexible, meeting the particular specifications for customer applications. All products uphold the rigorous standards of quality and performance set by industry regulatory boards including ASME, FM, and ASI, along with our internal quality assurance protocols. For more information about the design and supply of custom thermal fluid, steam, and glycol process skids, or the other value added capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.