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IoT Capabilities for Temperature, Humidity & More

Featured Product from Thermalogic Corporation

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Thermalogic offers a multitude IoT capable temperature, humidity and other process controls, sensors and transmitters. Our expertise can help you design a system to monitor and configure your device remotely, saving you overall time and labor.

Communication options available with our controls, sensors and transmitters include Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, RS232, RS422, RS485, ModBus and many more.

We specializes in built to order temperature, humidity and process controls and sensors for OEM’s and Volume users. A plethora of inputs, outputs, power supplies and communication interfaces are available. Our Sales Engineers will work closely with you to design a device built to your applications exact specifications.

  • Internet-enabled Controls and Transmitters
  • User-friendly Touchscreen Controls
  • Code written / designed to your protocol or ours

Control Platforms most commonly using IoT

  • DigiTherm®: Indicating microcontroller based controls where a visual indication is necessary.
  • Master Series®: Elaborate multi-zone microcontroller based controls for demanding applications where many parameters and application specific processes may be controlled simultaneously in a single package.