Multi-Energy Absorption Chiller

Product Announcement from Thermax Inc.

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Multi-Energy Absorption Chillers:

Thermax Multi-Energy Absorption Chillers are fully custom made. They can take more than one form of heat into the chiller and can give chilled and hot water for HVAC. Typical heat inputs include exhaust gases from any prime mover and/or hot water and/or natural gas and/or steam. They are an ideal way to convert all of your waste heat streams into chilled water, supplementing with high quality energy only as needed to meet your load requirements. This ensures maximum utilization of waste heat sources without worrying about the cyclical nature of either waste energy supply or capacity demand.

Operating Range

· Capacities: From 50 to 2000 TR

· Exhaust Gas Temp: From 580F to 900F

· Hot Water Temp: From 170F to 195F

· Chilled water temperature: Up to 39F

Heat source: Hot Water

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