Recovery of High Value Metals

Product Announcement from Thermax Inc.

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Companies are increasingly looking for sustainable technologies for recovering strategic high value metals. Many of these metals are in tight supply due to rapid increases in demand associated with highly technical applications (electronics) and even the state of the economy (such as gold). The recovery of high value metals from industrial processes is well suited for Thermax specialty ion exchange resins. Thermax has a broad range of products that can meet the most demanding requirements that are often common to industrial processes. Thermax combines the efficiency of its resins with proprietary ion exchange equipment systems to provide the highest recovery rates with the lowest regeneration ratios. Recovery of metals from process streams reduces toxicity and provides a rich source of income for current operations. Use of Thermax technology combined with high market prices for metals may make it profitable to reprocess stored waste slag.


Metals Recovery - Mining and Manufacturing


Au/Hydrometallurgy-thiosulfate leach/A23MP

Au/Hydrometallurgy-cyanide leach/A3XMP

Co/Hydrometallurgy/CH90, CH93

Co/Wastewater/CH90, CH93

Cu/Hydrometallurgy/CH90, CH93

Cu/Wastewater/CH90, CH93



Mo/Hydrometallurgy-low pH solutions/CH75MP

Ni/Electroplating solution purification/A23

Ni/Hydrometallurgy/CH90, CH93

Ni/Waste water/CH90, CH93

Re/Hydrometallurgy-low pH solutions/CH75

Pd/Catalyst recovery/CH95, CH97, CH75MP

Pt/Catalyst recovery/CH95, CH97, CH75MP

U/Hydrometallurgy-leach solutions/A3363MP


Metals Recovery- Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing

Hydrogenation/Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir

Hydrosilation/Pt, Pd, Rh

Isomerization/Rh, Pd, Ru, Ir


· Hydroformylation/Rh, Co

· Hydrocarboxylation/Pd

· Carbonylation of Alcohols/Rh

· Carbonylation of Halides/Pd

· Nitrogen Containing

Allyl Halides/Pd

Oligomeratization & Polymerization/Pd, Rh, Ru

Oxidation/Co, Mn

Alkene/Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir, Os

· Alcohols, Aldehydes & Ketones/Pd, Ru

· Aromatic Rings/Ru


Epoxidation/Mo, W

Thermax specialty resins can be custom tailored for a wide range of difficult process streams. Process liquids including industrial wastewater, acids, concentrated salts, and even organic liquids such as alcohols, glycols, amines and other polar/non-polar solvents. Contact Thermax for a technical specialist to assist you in selecting the right ion exchange product for your application.