Tulsion® Biotech Resins

Product Announcement from Thermax Inc.

Tulsion® Biotech Resins-Image

Thermax manufactures specialty TULSION® polymers for applications in the biotechnology area, specifically for solid phase peptide synthesis and as micro carriers in cell culture synthesis

Thermax offers TULSION® CB-100/200 resins for solid phase organic synthesis. These resins have a polystyrene matrix cross linked with DVB. Swelling factor and bead size of these resins are the most important characteristics for solid phase organic synthesis.

TULSION® CB-100/200 resins are used in a variety of reactions to give chloromethylated resins or Merrified resins (TULSION® CMB), Wang resins, Chlorotrytil resins and other resins used in solid phase peptide synthesis. They are available in 50-100 mesh, 100-200 mesh and 200-400 mesh sizes with various degrees of DVB cross linkage.

TULSION® CMB polymers (Merrifield Resin) are effective precursors for first order substituted resins. These resins offer appropriate swelling characteristics and uniform reaction kinetics. Properties of Merrifield resins can be customized for particle size, chloride substitution or cross linking to suit individual application needs.