Small High Current Thermal Protectors

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THERMIK'S SH5 series utilizes a bimetallic disc with an additional spring disc to achieve superior thermal switching performance - precise switch-point accuracy, longer service life, and no premature switching. The SH5 has a power class of 25a to 75a, an installation height from 5.5mm, nominal switching temperature from 80 °C - 180 °C, with maximum ratings up to 60 amps and 500 volts.

  • Normally closed
  • Resets automatically
  • With connector cables
  • With or without epoxy
  • Mylar®-nomex®

Switchgear consisting of a movable silver contact, a contact bearing pin, a spring snap-in disc, a bimetallic disc,  and a contact tongue which is riveted into one another, undetachable and fixed in a positive lock and self-aligning between a conductive, heat transferring housing and a contact cap made of steel that is insulated from it, plus a stationary countercontact. At the same time, the switchgear is supported by the contact tongue acting as a transfer element for electric current which is held between a supporting collar and a circumferential ring. As such, the switchgear underlying it, that is also stuck out from the movable contact, can continuously work (exposed) by mechanical loads without the contact pressure defined by the spring snap-in disc diminishing. As soon as the bimetallic disc reaches its rated switching temperature, it effectively springs against the throw force of the spring snap-in disc into its inverted position. The contact is abruptly opened and the temperature will now fall. The bimetallic disc will only snap back upon reaching a defined spring back temperature and the contact is abruptly closed again.

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