CP1-Pin - Thermal Protection with a Small Design

Featured Product from Thermik Corporation

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THERMIK'S CP1-Pin has a very compact and flat design. The CP1-Pin has a self regulating PTC- heating resistor enables rated switching temperatures up to 180 °C, due to a very small overshooting of the temperature effected by RH.Nominal switching temperature of 70 °C - 180 °C.

  • normally closed
  • does not reset automatically
  • voltage applied
  • with connection pins
  • without insulation

The switchgear of type series P1 is fixed in a positive lock and is self-aligning between the floor of a conductive housing and a PTC cap made from barium titanate which sticks out from a stationary silver contact. At the same time, the spring snap-in disc which forms the current transfer element bears the movable contact and discharges the flow of current and self-heating from the bimetallic disc. The bimetallic disc is held on the movable contact which sticks out through this without having to be welded or fixed. When the rated switching temperature is reached, the bimetallic disc snaps into its inverted position and pushes the spring snap-in disc downwards. The contact is abruptly opened and the temperature rise of the device to be protected is disrupted. The PTC resistance connected in parallel now sustains the operating voltage and deploys a defined electrical heating output on the bimetallic disc regardless of the ambient temperature and permanently sustains it above its springback temperature so that the switch gear cannot reset. The contact remains open. The Thermal protectors can only cool down again and switch to the original closed state when the external operating voltage is no longer applied and/or disconnection from the mains.

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