Air Cooled Modular Chiller: Thermocold Domino

Product Announcement from Thermocold Costruzioni Srl

Air Cooled Modular Chiller: Thermocold Domino-Image

Domino: the innovative line of self-contained air cooled modular refrigeration units for external installation with refrigerant gas R410A.

  • In addition to the seven basic units with powers of about 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 110, 125 kW, Domino extended to 270 kW with introduction new model 140 160 180 210 e 270 kW.
  • Domino is the highest evolution of a modular system and is no more the idea of a single product but a system that adapts with great flexibility, with different installation requirements.
  • The model can be used alone or coupled amongst themselves so as to achieve the required power.
  • All the Domino line is available in only chiller, heat pump, only chiller condensing units and heat pump condensing units versions with standard, high performance and super low noise settings.
  • Domino line in cooling only setting will be equipped with the innovative microchannel aluminium condensing coils caracterized by: low pressure drop, low noise emissions, zero galvanic corrosion, refrigerant charge reduction up to 37% and the lowest impact to the environment.


The state of the art industrialisation, the number of compressors and the steps of part loading, the presence of a microprocessor and a switchboard on each basic module, the choice of components and the design quality guarantee high operating reliability.
Modularity plays a decisive part in plants where total redundancy is necessary. Total redundancy of the system can be guaranteed with a single module.


Domino allows the installation to be adapted to the system development requirements. The output can be increased quickly and cheaply in time by simply adding new units.


Domino occupies less space than equipment of the same output, thanks to both its compact design and to the possibility of putting the base units on three sides.

Easy to handle

Domino, with its compact and slim line, can be easily transported using hoists.


Domino exploits all useful spaces by means of its customisable layout. The high refrigerating density (power over area) makes it suitable for any situation, even the most complex ones.


Thanks to more than 120 combinations, Domino can be used for conditioning areas which are completely different to one another.

Short delivery times

Modularity makes it possible to manufacture no longer to order but directly to stock. This means very short delivery times.

Dominant electronics

Domino control system is suitable for different typology and sized of plant. Thermocold supervision system is the core of Domino. It allow to control up to 12 basic modules having different typologies.

Domino patents

Domino is covered by international patents:

Easy Change®


On the site it allows to change each version from the other one ( for example from the chiller to the heat pump).

External Air Recover®

In heat pump mode it allows free heaing of external air avoiding the use of an external heat recovery with an increase of 40% fo the COP.

Hybrid Smart Cooling®

With the hybrid smart cooling system the unit can match the load request at any outdoor temperature. Domino is the only chiller able to increase capacity with the increase of the outdoor temperature.