Thermon Quantum Truflow Immersion Heater™

Featured Product from Thermon, Inc

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Thermon Quantum Truflow Heater™ is the next evolution of Thermon’s flange heater line-up. With enhanced baffle technology tailored for both ordinary and hazardous locations, the Thermon Quantum Truflow Heater™ can be custom designed to offer highly engineered solutions while meeting our customers’ specific needs. Thermon’s baffle solution offers superior heat transfer performance. The Truflow baffle design technology eliminates the risk of overheating by removing the heat source within the low flow zones.

Thermon Quantum Truflow Heater™ provides a solution to improve heat transfer efficiency over traditional designs and can be customized to specific applications.


  • Flexible design to optimize heat transfer and pressure drop
  • Predictable thermal management
    • High heat flux
    • No low flow zones
    • Elimination of hot spots, resulting in extended service life and reduced maintenance down time
    • Sheath temperature prediction
  • Heater designed simulation models using HTRI software for sizing and calucation of sheath temperatures and heat flux. HTRI models are validated through our empirical test data
  • Reduced footprint as compared to conventional design
  • Reduced element temperatures resulting in extended heater life
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous location ratings
  • Stilted or non-stilted terminal box designs to manage terminal box internal temperature
  • Customized terminal box design configurations to suit customer/site specific wiring connections
  • Factory installed temperature sensors for connection to temperature controllers
  • Lower installed costs
  • Retrofit, allow replacement of existing flange heaters with increased thermal performance or with higher heat capacity

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