Depth Measuring Microscope with LED Illuminator

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Titan Tool model ZDM-3 vertical displacement microscope measures minute variations in height. The Z-Axis electronic depth measuring microscope features a built-in LED co-axial illuminator to allow the user to focus on the top or bottom of the part being inspected. The illuminator includes a green filter and adjustable diaphragm to control light, color, and intensity.

Applications in the electronics industry include:

  • Semiconductor field to measure heights of the bonded portion of lead wire, wafer bump, lead frames, and solder.
  • Step heights of hybrid integrated circuits
  • Terminal steps on multi-layer PC boards

Other applications include:

  • Measuring the depth of minute cracks
  • Engraving depth of printing rolls and plastic molds
  • Depth grooves of computer media
  • The depth of score on beverage cans

Performance features:

  • Available with magnifications from 50X to 400X with a standard 10X eyepiece.
  • Available with 100X to 800X magnifications with an optional 20X eyepiece.
  • Can be fitted with a video adapter (Model TSTVA-12 available separately) to increase magnification range and to provide greater accuracy and ease of repeatability (from 0.0002-in. to 0.0003-in. or better).
  • The use of the video adapter relieves eye strain and allows for multi-viewing.


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