Economical X Axis Measuring Microscope

Product Announcement from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

The Titan X Axis Measuring Microscope is a unique new concept in measuring microscopes that is not limited by Magnification, Field of View or a Calibrated Reticle for its measuring capacity. The measuring is accomplished by the microscope frame itself moving on a precision dovetail slide. This movement is then read on precision Digital Micrometer reading in .00005" divisions or .001mm. The total measuring capacity of the micrometer and the movement of the dovetail slide is limited to 1.100' or 27.94mm.

The Standard Magnification of the Model XAM-1 is 40X magnification. This can be changed by ordering extra Objective Lenses of which we have 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X, or 20X available or even a 20X eyepiece for a minimum magnification of 20X and a maximum magnification of 400X. Field of View at 40X is .402". Working distance is .910. Resolution is 161 lines per m.m.

The unit is completely portable and can be placed over any workpiece to measure from point A to B or any intermediate point of a series of points as long as they are in a straight line or within the field of view. The Digital Micrometer can also be programmed for GO-NOGO Tolerance settings and readings.

The construction of the stand is modular so that the round legs can be easily removed or a special, longer vertical post can be substituted. The unit is well balanced on its stand so that the microscope can be used observing between the two round legs or rotated 180 Degrees so that the legs are located to the rear of the microscope frame. Flexibility is built into the design of the base for a broad range of special applications.

Illumination is provided by the FO-150 150 Watt Halogen Light Source in conjunction with FOI-1 Split Bifurcated Light Guide or the RI-17 Fibre Optic Ring Illuminator.

Since the Model XAM-1 sits directly over the workpiece to be measured, it can even be used where it is not feasible to bring the workpiece to an Optical Comparator or Toolmakers Microscope. It can be used while the workpiece is still in the machine without disturbing the "SET UP". The much lower price of the XAM-1 as compared to a Toolmakers Microscope or Optical Comparator makes it usable and feasible in many applications where the cost does not warrant the purchase of a Toolmakers Microscope.

The XAM-1 can be converted to VIDEO with the removal of the 10X Eyepiece and the purchase of the TSTVA-12 VIDEO ADAPTER.

The unit can be used to measure Printed Circuit Board point to point, Electrical Circuit Art Work, measure Small Plastic Molded Parts, Miniature Machined Parts and etc.

For holding small steel stampings, cutting tools, shafts and irregular shaped parts, may we recommend our Miniature Magnetic V Block No. 2076 or Large Magnetic V Block Model MV-50

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