Optical Drill Geometry Analyzer

Featured Product from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. Optical Drill Geometry Analyzer Model OTWD-1 for drill sizes 1/16" to 7/16" & OTWD-2 for drill sizes 7/16" to 1-1/4" are inexpensive optical instruments available for checking of proper twist drill re-sharpening. Whether this is done free hand on a fixture or on a more expensive drill sharpening machine, industry lacks a quick and easy way of checking the results. What happens so often is that an improperly sharpened drill is used which results in incorrect hole diameter, poor drill control and excessive breakage. This comes about because the twist drill is a complex cutting tool designed to concurrently perform several functions. They are to penetrate directly into solid material, eject the chips outside the cutting area, maintain the straight direction of the advance movement of the drill, while controlling the hole diameter. The geometry necessary to perform these multiple of functions is designed into the basic new twist drill, but often lost due to improper re-sharpening. The optical drill analyzer is an inexpensive, simple, portable tool designed to check and maintain the four basic points of drill geometry. It is a necessary tool in every machine shop, tool room drill and cutter grinding department as well as tool cribs for checking the drills on hand. The 5X magnification of the two basic optical units with their built-in scales helps you to insure that all angles are properly ground, web thickness is correct, and the point is properly centered. The unit is simple to use. All that is necessary is to lay the twist drill into the basic V Block which is part of the unit. This will center it in relation to the built-in scales of the magnifiers. You can then proceed to check the four principal points necessary in proper re-sharpening. The Titan Geometric Drill Analyzer will give you a positive check for most of the critical angles and relationships commonly encountered in the re-sharpening of Twist Drills in the shop and tool room.