RX-3 Stereo Microscope for Inspection Viewing

Featured Product from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

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New Ergonomic RX-3 Stereo Microscope

Features an eight-way adjustable pillar stand allows for many combinations of vertical, horizontal, and angular adjustments that combine both planes. Full rotation of 360° is possible on all adjustments with no limitations for inspection viewing.


  • Assembly
  • Burring
  • Inspection
  • Research
  • Electronic Circuit Board Soldering.

In addition, its extra-large field of view and great depth of field allow it to be used as a magnified viewing device for miniature machine work. The new stereo microscope can also be incorporated into various inspection setups to allow for versatile optical inspections.

Advantages of the RX-3

Pillar Stand: Aluminum base, plate 5.75” X 7.25”, .750” thick cast base plate with .500” diameter vertical post 7.500” long, 6.5” secondary rod & 2 ergonomic aluminum clamps with easy to use high-density plastic adjustment knobs to allow the unit to be put in horizontal, vertical or angled position to allow for many viewing positions.

Binocular Tube: Diopter adjustment and variable adjustment for interpupillary adjustment. Diopter adjustment + or - 2 Diopter.

Eyepieces: Extra-wide field 10X is standard with the unit. 20X is available as an option. 10X and 20X cross-hair eyepieces also optionally available.

Objectives: 1X is standard and built directly into the unit. Optional objectives include 0.5X, 1.5X and 2X.

Image: Right side up and optically correct.

Lenses: Hard coated with color correction.

Weight: 3.5 lbs.


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