Z-Axis Depth Measuring Displacement Microscope

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Measurement Applications

  • Height of bonded portion of the lead wire and wafter bump height in semiconductors
  • Lead frames and solder height
  • Steps of hybrid integrated circuits
  • Terminal steps on multi-layer PC boards
  • Depth of minute cracks and engravings on printing rolls and plastic molds
  • Depth of grooves in vinyl records and computer disks
  • Scores on beverage cans
  • Depths of markings for engraving serial numbers

Principles of Operation

Z-axis depth measuring microscope that employs the non-destructive principle with high magnification (100X, 200X, or 400X) and a shallow depth of field. The accuracy of the depth measurement desired determines the magnification used.

Since it has a short working distance, the ZDM-1 uses co-axial Illumination, allowing the user to focus on the top or bottom of the part being analyzed. This is then brought in sharp focus with the coarse and fine adjustments, then refocused at the other end of the range to be measured and the displacement read between the two points.
Measuring is accomplished with a mechanical or electronic indicator reading in .0001" (2 micron) divisions. The indicator is set and zeroed in the top of the microscope. Displacement is recorded as the focusing is done from Point A to Point B. (Indicator not included; however, the bracket provided will allow for any standard A.G.D. indicator with a .375" holding stem.) The bracket allows a use of indicators with small or large range of travel.

Features and Specfications
10X eyepiece is provided with a reticle with cross-jairs and circles as well as minute divisions on the vertical and horizontal axis. The same reticle is used with the Titan Tool Supply model TSTVA-12 Video Adapter.
The co-axial Illuminator includes a green filter and adjustable diaphragm to control light, color, and intensity. The Illuminator plugs directly into an 8-volt transformer (standard with the unit).
200X magnification with a 20X objective and 10X eyepiece. Separate 10X or 40X objectives and a 20X eyepiece are optionally available.

The image in the microscope is optically correct, and all lenses are coated to eliminate glare.

The round tubular legs allow for stability on round or flat objects. The swing-around body on the round post allows for many different microscope positions to facilitate its many applications.

The ZDM-1 can be converted to video with the removal of the 10X eyepiece and the purchase of the TSTVA-12 Video Adapter. This enhances the resolution for Z-axis measurements.