Applications for Nitrogen Generation Systems

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Nitrogen is used in a wide array of manufacturing & processing sectors.  Food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal fabrication, electronics & semiconductors, aerospace & automobile, ceramics & glass, plastics, rubbers and many more.

And within each industry there are numerous nitrogen applications that can help enhance quality, reinforce safety and prevent the negative impacts of oxygen exposure on end products (e.g. the use of blanketing, bottling and sparging in wine making; form filling & packaging in food manufacture; drying, fire prevention, gas flushing and process inerting in chemicals & pharmaceuticals manufacture; gas assisted cutting and moulding in metal, synthetic & plastic fabrication).

In the past the vast majority of manufacturing & processing industries met their nitrogen supply needs by purchasing nitrogen gas or liquid nitrogen in bulk. 

Onsite nitrogen generation systems provide a better, cost effective, energy efficient & sustainable alternative. 

Whether you are making potato chips or plasma screens, the Titus Company IGG can help in your manufacturing process. We customize each unit to fit your needs. We turn natural gas and air into inert gas for your application and provide immense savings not available through liquid nitrogen bottle delivery or old Kemp-style generators.  We have taken the staid Kemp generator and made it fully automatic and given it a cutting-edge upgrade. 

One of our customers was able to save more than $500,000 per year in production costs thanks to our work.  

We can do the same for you.  

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