Instrument Air in Nuclear Power Plants

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There is a great deal of sensitive equipment used in nuclear power generation, making it extremely important that this equipment works effectively at all times. Any failure in instrumentation or containment in a nuclear power facility could have dire consequences.  High quality, high pressure compressed air is also needed for diesel start on back-up power generators. 

What Is the Purpose of Instrument Air in Nuclear Power Plants?

Instrument air is highly purified air that has no moisture, particulates or other contaminants. It is called “instrument air” because a number of the instruments that measure the elements that nuclear power plants use to convert power into electricity — like heat exchangers, steam flow and condensate — require the use of clean, compressed air in order to accurately communicate information about levels, pressures, temperatures and flow.

The purpose of the instrument air is to allow throttling of the Air Operated Valves the system uses for flow and level control. Without the clean, compressed air that air compressors provide, the Air Operated Valves, as well as the ports of the instruments, could suffer from clogs as a result of debris, oil or moisture that commonly develop in non-purified air.

A safe, efficient nuclear power plant typically makes constant use of an efficient instrument air system to function.   Read more HERE 

No matter what the application for nuclear power plants, Titus has a compressed air or gas solution and deep expertise in the nuclear power sector.   

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