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Within the food and beverage industry, there are several beneficial applications for compressed air. Whether used for cleaning or the production chain, air compressors allow your company to experience increased reliability as well as lower operational and maintenance costs. Air compressors also deliver a more consistent look across all your products. For example, you can expect the filling in cakes or pastries to be applied evenly and liquids to be filled to the same levels.

With a food grade air compressor, your operations will be significantly streamlined as you efficiently:

  • Peel and cut fruits and vegetables or remove the shells from nuts
  • Sort and move products down a process line
  • Fill baked goods
  • Clean containers and fill them with products
  • Mix dry foods
  • Create packaging using blow-molding
  • Freeze products

In the beverage industry specifically, a food grade air compressor can assist with everything from the fermentation process to sealing and bottling to dispensing beverages. With increased bottling productivity, your business will be able to deliver consistent products at a faster rate.

Food and beverage companies have very specific needs when it comes to air compression equipment. Budgets in food and beverage facilities are often very tight, but you cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to air purity and the quality of your air compressors.

The Titus Company understands this. We will analyze your system and find the right air compression products to meet your company’s needs and budget. We offer a wide range of brands/equipment and also manufacture systems providing a turnkey solution