B3W Electric Belt Drive - High Thrust, Fast Speeds

Product Announcement from Tolomatic

B3W Electric Belt Drive - High Thrust, Fast Speeds-Image

Tolomatic has introduced an advancement in rodless cylinders with the B3W Series electric belt drive actuator. This new belt drive series offers higher thrust capabilities, faster speeds and longer strokes than Tolomatic's B3B series. That equates to better performance at no additional cost.

"For the B3W we took the same proven bearing structure of the B3B and made the belt wider for longer strokes at greater speeds," said Phillip Cinq-Mars, Mechanical Engineer for TOL-O-MATIC. "The B3W gives our customers the benefit of more speed, thrust and acceleration for a cost-effective alternative to auxiliary rail systems."

The B3W is designed for high wear resistance, repeatable accuracy and high load capacities. It features a patented heavy duty sealed bearing system at both drive and idle pulleys, stainless steel dust band for internal parts protection, and a urethane steel belt. Because of the B3W's sturdy construction, consistent tracking is maintained for the full life of the actuator.

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