Cable Cylinders

Product Announcement from Tolomatic

Cable Cylinders-Image

Introduced over 30 years ago as the first rodless cylinder, the Tol-O-Matic cable cylinder provides reliable linear motion with space and cost-savings features. Its simple yet efficient design solves a wide variety of application requirements. Unlike rod cylinders, the cable cylinder's stroke is contained within the cylinder itself and that can be a big advantage when space limitations are a consideration.

The cable cylinder allows equal force to be applied in both directions. Cables (fastened to both ends of the piston) pass through gland seals at the ends of the cylinder tube, go around pulleys and are then joined by a load bracket or clevis. The cables can be cut different lengths, threaded through a machine or wrapped around a drum to fill a wide variety of rotary and/or linear motion requirements. First in the industry to offer an automatic tensioning cylinder and combine it with a caliper disk brake for mid-stroke positioning.


· Available in double-acting, single-acting, double purchase and track cylinder models

· 11 bore sizes ranging from ½ inch to 8 inches

· Stroke lengths ranging from a few inches to 60 feet

· Die-cast aluminum head assemblies offer hydraulic or pneumatic porting capabilities