New Corrosion Resistant Gearbox

Product Announcement from Tolomatic

New Corrosion Resistant Gearbox -Image

Tol-O-Matic, Inc. has announced a new corrosion resistant (CR) version of the Slide-Rite™, a universal right angle gearbox designed to meet the demands of harsh, potentially corrosive industrial environments. Like the original Slide-Rite, it features a one piece, hard anodized aluminum case that seals gears from outside contaminants. The new CR version is also equipped with corrosion resistant electroless nickel plated geared sleeves, keys and retaining rings in addition to stainless steel bearings for efficient power transmission in environmentally tough applications.

They designed the Slide-Rite CR version to include all the performance features of Tol-O-Matic's popular Slide-Rite™ gearbox, then modified all the exposed components to withstand most corrosive operating environments. The Slide-Rite CR is available in two sizes: the Standard Series for most applications and the Compact Series for applications where space is limited. Each incorporates two 45° helical gears that mesh at right angles. They can be operated up to the maximum torque capacity in either rotation and can slide axially along the drive or driven shaft providing perfect alignment and easy installation.