Automotive Interior Compression Tooling

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The Tooling Tech Group manufactures Vac-Form, Pressure Form and Thermoform tooling for Automotive Interior, Exterior and Acoustic Systems. We make tooling used for the manufacture of Carpet & Floor Assemblies, Armrests, Door Trim, Body Side Molding, Bumper Systems, Fascias, Paint Film, Ground Effects, Wheel Housings, Headliners, Trunk Liners and more. Tooling Technology has full in-house CAD, pattern and model making. We have an aluminum foundry capable of casting stainless steel lines into molds for temperature control, more than 20 large-axis CNC machines, and a full finish and fabrication shop. We also ensure the accuracy of our work with our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). We have some of the largest capacities in the industry, have made some of the largest thermoform tools in the world, and are well known for having the shortest lead times in the industry. If you require cast tooling, our large, modern aluminum foundry can handle flask sizes upward of 10' x 16' with pouring capacity greater than 7,000 lbs.