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Ross solutions offer industry-specific functionality for a variety of industries including food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, metals and building materials. The comprehensive suite of solutions include functionality in ERP, financials, inventory control, manufacturing, track and trace, maintenance management, process planning, purchasing, sales order process, vendor management inventory and business analytics. Ross solutions can help manufacturers increase operational efficiencies, improve profitability, strengthen customer relationships and streamline regulatory compliance. Ross solutions are built from the ground up for process manufacturers who base their manufacturing on recipes or formulas. With over 100 documented "critical needs" in process manufacturing, it is the perfect fit to help simplify, align and control your business as you grow your company and strengthen your brand. More than just traditional manufacturing ERP, Ross CDC integrated suite of products allows you to manage everything from complex recipes to corporate profitability and growth, including: • Demand Planning and Advanced Scheduling
• Business Intelligence
• Business Process Management
• Product Lifecycle Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Manufacturing Operations Management Ross customers consistently validate a fast return on investment. Their accomplishments add to the bottom line and improve the overall business, including: • Increasing profitability with accurate product costing
• Growing the business with flexible specifications that support multiple processes
• Protecting brands with bi-directional lot tracing to speed recalls
• Improving productivity and cash flow with contract & chargeback management
• Simplifying compliance with complete data collection and reporting With Ross Enterprise or Ross in the Cloud, process manufacturers are able to quickly streamline their business processes, bring new products to market quickly, and gain market share in their respective industries.