Machining of AlN (Aluminum Nitride)

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Aluminum Nitride is a material that has heat resistance, high thermal conductivity, dielectricity, piezoelectricity, low thermal expansion, and so on. Because of those properties, this material is often used for heat sinks, heaters, substrates, and so on. For example, we machine it into a part for semiconductor manufacturing devices or  ESC for CVD devices

 You would find more details and samples of AlN here.


Properties of ALN (Aluminum Nitride)
Melting point 2200°C
Thermal Shock Resistance 400°C
Thermal conductivity 170~200 W/(m.K)
Thermal expansion coefficient 2.4 x 106
Specific gravity (density) 3.3
Hardness Hv 13 GPa
Application Examples
  • ALN substrate
  • ALN heat sink
  • ALN pipe
  • ESC for CVD devices
  • high frequency printed circuit board
  • power mudule substrate
  • electrostatic chucks
  • clamp ring
  • parts for high thermal conductivity is essential