Heavy-duty Constant Torque Hinges

Featured Product from TorqMaster International

Heavy-duty Constant Torque Hinges -Image

TorqMaster heavy-duty friction hinges allow smooth and consistent action while holding a comfortable viewing position.

Applications: Tilting, movable Screens, Flat panel, LCD, touchscreen display monitor mounting & positioning. Medical equipment, Point of Sale and Kiosk Computers, Digital Cameras, Machine Vision Systems, Protective covers, Access panels, Office equipment, Control Panels, Cameras, Computer peripherals, Voting machines, Laptop & notebook computers. Anything that has to pivot and stay put!

Application matters in choosing the right hinges for your design! Let our engineers will help you choose the appropriate hinge, torque, torque directions and more for optimal performance in your application design.  Call or fax drawings of your project.

TorqMaster friction hinges feature:

  • Constant Torque over product life (30,000-plus cycles typical)
  • Designed to withstand demanding applications
  • Smooth operation without noise
  • Corrosion and high temperature resistant
  • Application/design assistance
  • Balanced or Unbalanced Torque – specify the torque & torque direction required.
  • Available in right or left hand configurations
  • No backlash, minimal or no spring back
  • 360 degree shaft rotation – pivot and stay put in any position
  • Ability to mix and match housings & shafts / adapters to fit exact requirements
  • 100% product testing available – min / max and average torque
  • Smooth, consistent feel over hinge lifetime
  • Friction elements are spring steel
  • Fast delivery with no tooling charges on TorqMaster hinges assembled from inventory

Stock Friction HingesOur most popular friction hinges — based on shaft diameter and housing style — are available and easily integrated into new designs, eliminating the need for tooling and development programs for a majority of projects.

Custom Friction HingesWe can help you design the optimal housing, mounting configuration, materials and torque for your specialty hinge needs.

Using another hinge? Drop-in replacement hinges can enhance product performance while reducing costs.

Custom Hinges or variations of stock designs are available for higher volume OEM applications, however a semi-custom shaft in a standard housing can often solve many design challenges. Talk with one of our engineers to help you with a solution to your specific needs regarding friction hinges.  


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