Stay put in any postion Hinge ZE 375-ZA 151

Featured Product from TorqMaster International

Features: u 360 degree shaft rotation: pivot and stay put in any position

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Available Torques per hinge - 10 to 60 in. lb. balanced - 10 to 80 in. lb. unbalanced. Solid mounting geometry.  Minimal Springback u Minimal Backlash

Benefits: Long Stable Cycle Life u Smooth, steady feel over life of product.  Consistent performance. Available for immediate delivery (volume restricted).  No tooling charge. Corrosion protection available ZE 375 Hinge Family Product Information: The housing geometry is common among the various hinge configurations. Various mounting configurations are available.

Product Description: The ZE 375 ZA 151 is available in balanced or unbalanced torques. This hinge meets or exceeds life testing within specifications to 30,000+ cycles. Designed with 360° shaft rotation, this hinge can pivot and stay put in any position. We offer 100% product testing. You will experience a smooth and consistent “feel” over life of this product. Corrosion protection is available. Custom Hinges: Our professional engineers can design the optimal housing, mounting configuration, materials and torque needed for your product.

Semi Custom hinges are also available. We can configure a semi-custom design to perform in the application to your requirements. Semi-custom hinges offer motion control solutions tailored to your specific needs but without the development time and cost associated with a dedicated custom solution. These hinge solutions are designed to provide the motion control you require using standard parts from our in house “library” of hinge components. These components often are assembled with one custom part or simply in new configurations.

If you are using another hinge, let us show you how a TorqMaster replacement hinge can enhance your product’s performance while reducing costs.