Keypad Front Panel Assemblies

Product Announcement from Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd.

Keypad Front Panel Assemblies-Image

Tortai technologies provide customers with comprehensive 'Build to spec' and 'Build to print' solutions for production and assembly of printed circuits, electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies
We provide customers with development services (board design and layout), PCB manufacturing and component acquisition services, construction of electronic and mechanical assembly of printed circuits boards and electronic systems assemblies, including harness wiring
Throughout all stages, the professional staff of Tortai technologies is fully available to customers: beginning from conceptual design of the product, through engineering design and examination of feasibility, prototype manufacture and serial production, actual assembly and any additional component purchasing, through to final testing and quality control and up until satisfactory delivery to customers.
Our production process includes:

  • Product definition characterization including performance evaluation and definition of the user interface.
  • Formulating a work plan and schedule for product development
  • Electronic design and manufacture of prototypes
  • Interface mechanical and graphic planning design
  • Layout of printed circuit boards
  • Definition Selection and acquisition of components and materials
  • Electronic and mechanical production and assembly
  • Definition and execution of acceptance tests
  • Environmental qualification
  • Preparation and documentation of production file
  • Packaging and delivery

Our extensive experience in managing unique and complex projects of all sizes, allows Tortai technologies to provide customers with a comprehensive umbrella of services 
This, while maintaining a production standard of excellent quality, from prototypes to production of the series delivered to our customers